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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Unleash the positive thoughts!

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After researching and writing the article about the positive thinking, I have tried to practice the knowledge that I have obtained. Usually I think very negative and I have declared myself as being a pessimistic person. But changing things can offer you benefits that you haven’t even dream about it.

That’s why, in this morning, when I woke up, I have tried to raise my morale by watching my favorite comedy show, because you can’t think positive if you feel gloomy. I also had a nice breakfast, because “happiness goes through the stomach”. Then I got dressed with some light colored clothes, to determine the people around me to be more receptive and open to talk.

With all of these been done, my little experiment has started. I walked to my college, smiling and thinking what a great day I will have. Although I was worried, I have successfully banished my negative thoughts. During the classes, I had a boost of confidence thanks to my positive thinking and I managed to get remarked by a teacher for my visible interest and my spiritual presence during the class.

Afterwards, I had to buy a present for my girlfriend’s birthday and even though I had no idea what she would like to receive, positive thinking helped me through. Thinking that I will surely find the proper present, I started to wander from a shop to another, but after a half an hour I had already found the perfect gift, a butterfly shaped jewel box.

I didn’t had a clue about how she would react, but once more, I had used my secret weapon, the positive thinking. I have told to myself that this is the perfect gift and leaving behind my fears, I gave her the present.

So, the result of my small scale experiment was very satisfying: I had a great day at school and my girlfriend liked the gift, all of these due to my positive thinking.
If you have tried the power of positive thinking on your own, share it with us, even if you don’t succeed at the first attempt. Remember, all you need is a good will and a lot of practice.

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Written by: Liviu Moldovan



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