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Thursday, December 18, 2008

How to work in stress, and under pressure

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First of all what you need to do is to deal with stress. Try to identify the thing that is stressing you – the stress factor. Then try to be aware of that factor and try to concentrate at it. After you are aware of the stress factor try to encourage yourself that you will finish your work, that you have to finish your work, and nothing bad will happen because you are on schedule.

Stress is a great factor and it will stop you from achieving your goal. If you have something to do, and you get stressed, your brain will stop being inventive, and you will work very hard, and you won’t be productive. Don’t lose your inspiration by working in stress.

I also recommend that you don’t work under pressure of not finishing your work, because that will automatically make the stress enter the scene. If you feel stressed, and under pressure of not finishing your work, try one of the seven following methods:

1. Get up and walk to the bathroom, wash your face with cold water, and repeat this in your mind: „I can do it, I will finish the work on time, nothing will stop me from doing my work, and I am not stressed anymore". Remember that fresh water actives blood flow, and so your face muscles will feel less tensioned, and you will feel less stressed and a little relaxed, just by washing your face.

2. Open your window so that you can have a good fresh breath of air, so that your brain get’s some oxygen. Of course that you will not open your window for some fresh air, if your office is in the center of the city, where the air pollution is very high.

3. Have a chewing-gum! It might sound silly, but trust me it does magic against the stress, and it helps you work under pressure without actually feeling the pressure around you.

4. Try not to eat food when you are stressed, at work. Because eating while under stress, will make your stomach hurt a lot, and that might hold you from giving the best for your project.

5. This is an exception from the above advice. Try to eat a fruit, like an apple, or other fruit with C vitamin. The vitamins contained in fruits are great for your organism, and help you pass a stressful moment, or even the entire day.

6. Try do close your eyes and count to ten. This will make your brain disconnect for a moment, and force it to relax, so that it can work better after this short break.

7. Don’t drink too much coffee at work. Too much coffee will make your muscles tremor, and your stomach shrink, it will make fatigue gone, but it will make stress to come.

Though I said that there are seven methods, I will give you the 8th method as a bonus:

8. Think positive, relax and focus on little stages of your project, so that your brain will focus only on small parts, and it will work more effective.

Have you ever worked under pressure, or being stressed by your schedule, or by your boss ? Tell us your story, and we'll discuss it together.

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Written by: Alexandru Hategan


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