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Thursday, February 26, 2009

7 Basic rules of sleeping

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How many times have you woken up more tired then you were the night before? Many people have the same issue and you must know that the main factors that cause this metabolism malfunction are the sleeping habits.

These habits are often causing more problems that they are solving. Still, this isn’t a lost cause, there are a couple of things that you could do to improve your sleeping style.

A good way to begin the change is to pay attention to a few rules and to prepare your sleep properly.

1. The pillow’s shape has a very important role for a proper resting during sleeping time, also the pillow’s filling matters a lot. You need to buy a good pillow with soft filling, and you have to position it correctly to avoid neck and back aches, chronicle fatigue and even insomnia.

2. The bed and the mattress must be comfortable. Chris Idzikowski, the manager of a research centre for sleeping problems has discovered that an uncomfortable bed can cause muscular aches and can shorten your sleep with an hour/night.

3. The clothing must be adequate, on our size, so it wouldn’t bother us during the sleep and it must be made from natural fibers, for example cotton, to allow the body to breathe.

4. Avoid eating, reading, watching television or studying in bed. You have to teach your body that the bed is for sleep and sexual activity only.

5. Choose wisely your sleeping position. You should avoid sleeping on your stomach or on your left side, because the liver, the lungs and the stomach are pressing the hearth with their weight. The most relaxing sleep can be achieved only if you sleep on your back, allowing yourself an excellent breathing process.

6. The ideal bed size is 1.80 m per 2.00 m, a smaller bed will cause an agitated sleep and you will be tired and in a bad mood all day long.

7. At last but not least, for ensuring yourselves a relaxing and peaceful sleep you must take care of your insomnia problems.

After reading and taking care of all these aspects, all you have to do is to … sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

What rules do you follow before sleeping ? Do you have a recipe for a better good night sleep ? Tell us how the rules above helped you have a better goodnight sleep.

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Written by: Liviu Moldovan


Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to “cure” Insomnia (II)

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There were some methods presented on the post “How to cure Insomnia (I)”, and as I promised, I am writing some other remedy, and advice to help all of you insomniacs, cure and treat your Insomnia.

As a different method from the ones presented before, you can try aromatherapy for an aid, because it helps a lot. Scent of different flowers and oils are well known from ancient times, as a remedy for those who find it difficult to sleep, or to stay asleep. Lavender is one of the most known and used aroma therapies in curing insomnia, and helping people having a good night sleep.

Relaxation is another method that will help you sleep. Practice relaxing, falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer techniques and you will get a great night sleep. Read more about relaxation techniques here and here.

Visualization is also a great method. As I said in the Photography relaxation post, by visualizing a picture that you like, or a peaceful scene. As this method involves mind relaxation it is best to practice it by staying in bed, and concentrating of a relaxing scene. Most people think about tropical islands, the sand, the sun, the waves, the wind.

Mind sensing and listening method. This is a personal method that I generally use together with the visualization method, since these are both mind techniques. For example try and listen to the wind in the scene that you are looking at (in your mind of course), listen the waves, and feel the hot sand, the sun, the wind touching your skin, imagine that it is warm and a perfect day for a relaxing day in the sun – this is one of the best methods used by me, when I try to sleep while having insomnia.

How did these methods work for you ? Share your method with us ! Have you succeeded treating insomnia ? Have you cured it ? How ?

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Written by: Alexandru Hategan


Saturday, February 21, 2009

How to “cure” Insomnia (I)

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As I said in a precedent post, Insomnia is bad for your health, for your mind, and for your body. Try to avoid getting insomnia, but anyway if you have it, or got it from any reason, in this post I will present some methods that will help you get rid of it, and help you get a good night sleep.

Useful Brain will not put you to count sheep, and we will never put you to count backwards from 1000. The above methods do not work, so don’t try counting to get rid of insomnia, because you will get concentrated on counting correctly and you will not achieve the peaceful state of mind, that helps you sleep.

First of all, if you want to get rid of Insomnia you need to organize your day schedule, that you can set a time for sleep, and respect that time (hour) set. Let’s say for example, 10 pm. It is best to choose an hour before 11 pm , because, if you get to sleep before 12 am, the toxins from your body are processed easier, so you body is and will be more healthy if you respect this rule. One of the reasons you get insomnia is that you don’t have a certain sleep schedule remember ? So why don’t we solve that problem now, for a change ?

As a second step, it will be perfect if you would prepare a little drink for a good night sleep. The “sleeping potion” is made with 3 ingredients, and is very easy to do. All you need is some milk (not more than a cup), some poppy seeds. Squeeze the seeds, warm the milk, and mix them together. Drink a cup of warm milk with poppy seeds and if you like you can put some sugar in it. I advice you not to put cocoa into the milk, because the cocoa is an energizer, and will not let you sleep, but instead it will make you active, just as chocolate does.

Try these methods above and tell us if you succeeded in curing insomnia. Have you got any other suggestions ? or methods ? Any other ideas of how to cure insomnia ?
To be continued...

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Written by: Alexandru Hategan


Thursday, February 19, 2009

5 Benefits of a good night sleep

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Even though we spend a third of our life sleeping, that doesn’t mean that we lose that part and we can’t get any benefits from it. That is entirely false, because if you manage to rest during your sleep, you will improve the results of your daily activities.

So here are some benefits that you can get by sleeping “by the book”:

1. The sleep is a primary need of your body so if don’t sleep you will die. That means that the most important benefit of sleeping is the advantage to be alive.

2. All the professional bodybuilders know that the muscular mass grows during the sleep, not when you are weight lifting. If you are used to party late and you don’t let your body relax, the entire workout routine will be in vane and you won’t spot any notable results.

3. The lack of sleep destabilizes the immunity system of your body making you more exposed to diseases. A nap during the day may also increase your health condition and it can even offer you an increased protection against heart diseases.

4. According to scientist, sleep is necessary because it helps the body to regenerate certain parts, especially the brain. After prolonged periods of deprivation of sleep, neurons are affected, which is manifested by behavior problems. Each stage of sleep is necessary for the regeneration of neurons in the cortex and to enhance the memory.

5. A recent study, published in Journal of the American Medical Association by Christopher King and his colleagues from the University of Chicago, had shown that the length of the sleep can influence your heart condition. The study results revealed that every additional hour of sleep reduce heart attack menace by 33 %.

In addition, a good night sleep can improve your social life, because it is easier to communicate when you feel and you look fresh and energized.

Therefore, I have only one thing left to say: ready, set, fall asleep !

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