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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Think positive, act positive!

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You are what you think or you think what you are? This is an endless dilemma amongst well known philosophers. Many of them believe that if you can think positive and concentrate hard enough on those thoughts, you can obtain a better result than by being pessimistic.

Positive thinking can be a way to overpass all your obstacles and fulfill your hopes and dreams. It is a way of living, an attitude that can accomplish the best results.
By thinking positive you can draw upon you happiness, successes, an excellent health and you can obtain whatever you are willing to.

There are people that believe in this way of life, but they don’t know how to use it in their benefit. There are other people that think this is just another method to blame somebody else for your unsuccessful actions. But we must admit that this current is starting to take proportions. As a proof we have the increased number of books and conferences about this subject.

A logical question is “What positive thinking can do for me?”. I will try to answer you by a list of considerations.

Positive and negative thoughts can be very contagious, by transferring thoughts, feelings and emotions to the people around us. You can influence the attitude of the people around you by unintended subliminal messages. For example, if you are presenting your opinion about a subject and you are doing it very convincing, it is most likely that the person that hears you will start to share your opinion.

The people around us can percept our state of mind and they are involuntary straying away from us if they sense a negative energy. On the other hand, if you radiate a positive energy, people around you will be more receptive.

When you are thinking negative, harmful chemical substances are released into your body and when you are thinking positive your body is releasing endorphins and other substances that raises your morale and induces a state of happiness.

You can think positive only if you are training yourself. You have to visualize positive situations, use positive words in your conversation and smile often. You will see that after a short time, people around you will enjoy your presence, because the first life aspect that is influenced by the positive thinking is the social life.

When you are thinking negative, you have to eliminate that thought or replace it with a positive one. Try to see the full half of the glass, not the empty one, and eventually, it will fill itself.

Everyone can use positive thinking to improve their life. Just trust your mind and heart and try to see the life from an optimistic angle.

Written by: Liviu Moldovan


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