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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Join our team today

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Got any sugesions about a future topic ?
Wanna join Useful Brain's team and write some articles ?

Why join ?

Join and write some articles here instead of making your own blog, because if you don't have enough time to write your own articles and post them soon enough, your readers will lose interest in reading your blog. While here you can write anytime you want, and we will apreciate your posts, and help you develop writting skills. It's a win-win situation, by having you writting we will grow together, and we'll have a lot of advantages along the way.

Here's your chance. Send an e-mail to with a 250 words test article, a self-description, your name, your age, where you come from, what you like to do, and if you fit the team, you will be part of it in notime.

Good Luck

Written by: Alexandru Hategan


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