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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Relax, take it easy!

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How many of you experienced a bad day at work, when everything is going wrong, you are arguing with everyone for no reason and you feel like throw your computer through the window just for the fun of it? I am pretty sure that even if you are doing a job that completely satisfies you, the stress will kick in someday.

When something like that is happening, you know that you have to do something to relax. You have to dominate the situation or it will take the control.

A simple way to relax is to inhale deeply and then exhale very slow, concentrating to relax all your body muscles. It will improve even your brain oxygenation and it will give you the chance to meditate about the problem.

You can also focus your breathing, by inhaling deeply and then, while exhaling, encouraging yourself with expressions like “relax”, “I am calm”, “I can handle the situation”, “There is nothing that can take me down”. This way, you can also practice your positive thinking, involuntary performing an elementary form of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming ). Positive thinking it is thought that itbreathing, Jacobson method, muscle streching, muscular group, hamac, stretch, relax, sleep can improve both your mental and physical condition. Scientists have said that it can boost our health condition and it can prevent even common cold.

Muscle stretching is also a good method to relax and oxygenate your whole body. For example, lift your arms above your head, and stretch them, but you can use this technique on every part of your body that needs it.

Imagination exercises could help as well, for example whenever you are too tense, imagine a wonderful place where you will feel excellent. All that you want to see, to smell, to sense, to hear, to taste, depends entirely of you.

You can use a good relaxation tape and spend a couple of weeks before becoming skilled enough for relaxing anytime you wish.

At last but not least, a very know and used method is the Jacobson method of relaxation. This method has three important steps:

1. Concentrate on a muscular group.

2. Tension it, without hurting yourself, and keep it that way for 20-30 seconds.

3. After the relaxation of that group, pay attention to the sensation that follows. By doing that, you can reduce your stress level.

This exercise can be practiced on the following muscular groups: right hand or left hand, then
the other one, forearm and deltoid, back and lumbar zone, neck, face and eyes, the trunk and abdomen, the thighs.

You can always find the time to use one of these methods of relaxation and I am convinced that it will be a time well spent.

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Written by: Liviu Moldovan


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