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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do we use water and it’s benefits the proper way ?

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First of all i like to say that I never use to drink water, only juice and energy drinks and so on. I never drink water because it doesn’t have any taste for me, until I discovered that the water is one of the most important things, and it seems that we don’t really realize this:

What would happen if someone swoon in the office and on the street ? You will start to snap that person till he wake up ? Or you will just throw some water on his face ? I suppose you would not throw juice... the water is everywhere and we can’t notice this because we don’t really think about this.

When we bring our cars to carwash, they use water, and also when we take a bath or a shower we use water. Is true that in the antic period Cleopatra was using milk for bath, but nowadays we use water, and also the animals drink water, except a dog I had who liked to drink beer because it has a taste of food, but that is an exception, of course.

Everything is working with water, if you don’t believe me think of these things for example: the nature needs water to survive but it also needs sun, also fishes need water, we will never see a fish swimming or walking on ground, that would be a very good exception, but that will not happen, I am sure.

If there will be no water than nothing will exist, the nature will be dead, most animals will disappear, and the humwater, body, brain, doctor, drink, health, healthy, anxiety, pour, pourr, cascade, liquidans will start dyeing. We can save the nature by using the water we have without wasting it. I propose to save this planet and everything in it, by starting to care about the water around us, by taking advantage of all the benefits of drinking water:

Drinking water enhances fat loss
• Combat ailments by drinking more water
• Drinking water can reduce hunger
• Look younger - drinking water hydrates your skin
• hydrotherapy is a calming remedy for stress and anxiety

Remember your body is 70% water, in other words, your body is a bag of water, that needs water to live, and that works better when is hydrated. A proper hydration is the first step in having a healthy life, and a fast healing body.

Remember a glass of water can save you from stress, can help you focus, and can help your mind stay in a healthy body. You can’t drink too much water. Doctors recomend two liters a day, but I say that three or four liters will make you live a better life.

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Written by: Obsession626


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