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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to work and live a healthy life

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Many of you people may think that I’ve climbed a tree and fallen from it, but more important than working at your desk is to have a healthy life. And very rarely an obese person is a healthy one. Here I can give an unfortunate example from my family, my father weights 300 pounds and got two different diseases in two consecutive months. Therefore, I will give you 5 tips which I thought that could be useful in the battle with the extra pounds gained in front of the computer.

1. Roll your neck. When you sit in front of the computer, you accumulate a considerable amount of stress from your body in your neck, and that stress influences negatively your body fat. This exercise will help you lose weight and as a bonus, it will get you relaxed.

2. Drink cold water. You can burn 100 calories if you choose as refreshment an ice cold beverage, and you drink approximately eight glasses. Note that it should be a beverage without calories.

3. Eat foods that burn calories. Spinach, celery, lettuce and cucumbers can help your body consume more calories that you ingest, even if they have an awkward taste, no offense for the vegetarians.

4. Eat spicy food. You can raise the metabolic rate of your organism by eating spicy food, and you should also encounter the “sweat factor”.
5. Drink strong coffee. The coffee also increases your metabolic rate, and you also became more active and burn more calories, but you should always remember that it worth drinking coffee only if it is without sugar.
Bonus tip: Stop making money online for an hour or two and take a long and liberating walk outside, you may even get some good ideas while taking a breath of fresh air, and maybe you will realize that it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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Written by: Liviu Moldovan


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