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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photography relaxation. Is it possible ?

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It is commonly known that focusing your mental view on an object, picture, or on a beautiful thing that you like, or liked in the past, can make you relax, or at least it helps you relax along with other methods of relaxation.

As I said pictures can and will relax, if you use them the right way. Try and imagine for a second a sunny day on a tropical island with lots of palm trees, sand and the ocean surrounding it. Or for example try to focus on a beautiful sunset, or sunrise. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and try to mentally view a picture of a landscape scene that you liked (visualize a winter landscape, since we are still in the winter, perhaps some snowed fir wood, with the sun shining above).

As I experienced, black and white pictures also helps, because the colors are missing, and I can focus better on what happens in the picture instead of the chromatic view of it. A black and white picture is more balanced than a color picture, and it inspires calm and relaxation state.

Taking pictures is also a relaxing thing to do. Whenever I feel angry or stressed, I grab my camera, go out, and picture things that I like. Taking pictures is a very strong method to reduce the stress, and to relax, because whenever I press the shutter button, my mind also takes a mental picture. And then I can view it over and over again, anytime I feel I need to relax, or to lose the stress.

Try and take pictures also in black and white, it helps you to relax, and makes you calm down. Or if it is not possible or you to take pictures in black and white, take color pictures, and then convert them in black and white at home. You could also print them and put them in your office, or at home, in the zones where you feel stressed. And whenever you feel the stress coming in, look at the pictures, or mentally view a picture that you like, as I said in the beginning, and with time you will get used to relax just by thinking of a picture, or of a sunset.

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How well did you managed to relax with photography ? Did you succeed relaxing with photos ? Tell us your story, or what you accomplished.

Written by: Alexandru Hategan


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