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Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to “cure” Insomnia (II)

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There were some methods presented on the post “How to cure Insomnia (I)”, and as I promised, I am writing some other remedy, and advice to help all of you insomniacs, cure and treat your Insomnia.

As a different method from the ones presented before, you can try aromatherapy for an aid, because it helps a lot. Scent of different flowers and oils are well known from ancient times, as a remedy for those who find it difficult to sleep, or to stay asleep. Lavender is one of the most known and used aroma therapies in curing insomnia, and helping people having a good night sleep.

Relaxation is another method that will help you sleep. Practice relaxing, falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer techniques and you will get a great night sleep. Read more about relaxation techniques here and here.

Visualization is also a great method. As I said in the Photography relaxation post, by visualizing a picture that you like, or a peaceful scene. As this method involves mind relaxation it is best to practice it by staying in bed, and concentrating of a relaxing scene. Most people think about tropical islands, the sand, the sun, the waves, the wind.

Mind sensing and listening method. This is a personal method that I generally use together with the visualization method, since these are both mind techniques. For example try and listen to the wind in the scene that you are looking at (in your mind of course), listen the waves, and feel the hot sand, the sun, the wind touching your skin, imagine that it is warm and a perfect day for a relaxing day in the sun – this is one of the best methods used by me, when I try to sleep while having insomnia.

How did these methods work for you ? Share your method with us ! Have you succeeded treating insomnia ? Have you cured it ? How ?

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Written by: Alexandru Hategan


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