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Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to relax when your boss is stressing you in 5 easy steps

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Going through a stressful period made me realize that one of the most important stress-factors in my life was my boss. As a student I am stressed because I have exams in this period, and also have to go to work, but it seems that this stressful period never ends, and it even gets worse when the boss asks me to do things faster, better, finish tasks sooner, etc.

My days at work seem endless when my boss is stressing me. Working under pressure feels awful, but when my boss is also stressing me, it seems that the work I have to do, doubles.

I think that I am not the only person in this situation, and because I think that there are many in similar situations, with bosses that stresses them, I decided to write this little guide to help you all pass those hard periods at work, at school, at college.

1) STOP. Evaluate the situation. First of all, when your boss asks you to do something fast, to finish a task sooner or other stressful requests, first of all STOP ! Ok, now evaluate the situation, and try to find the best possible way to do that without freaking out, try to keep your calm, get a breath of fresh air, drink a glass of cold water (water is your best friend when you are stressed, Do we use water and it’s benefits the proper way ? ).

2) Ignore the "you have to finish this till X time" - don't get your mind trapped, thinking that you have to finish that, because that will get you stressed, and will make things even worse. Think of the task that you have to finish, find the best way to do it, break it into smaller doable parts, then start finishing those smaller tasks, and you will see the "puzzle" assembling faster than you could imagine. (this is a trick, that if you trap and block your mind on the time factor, your mind will freeze instantly and you will run out of ideas, and lose your originality, etc, so instead of gaining time, you will lose precious time, and never get that task done in time).

3) Have self confidence ! Instead of thinking that your boss is stupid, that you should quit your job, or that nothing goes well, try thinking that you are just the best person for that job, because compared to others you know how to manage stress (yes you do !), and you know how to solve all the problems, even under stress. Don't even think that you will not finish the task, or that you can't do it, because your mind works on the principle - "Your wish is my command" - which means that if you think negatively about yourself, that thing has 99% chance of happening right away.

4) Think positive. Never give up. Trust yourself and every time you will get more confidence when you'll see that you can do things that you didn't think you could do. Positive thinking is a great process that helps you fight the stress. (more on this topic here - Think positive, act positive!)

"Positive thinking can be a way to overpass all your obstacles and fulfill your hopes and dreams. It is a way of living, an attitude that can accomplish the best results.By thinking positive you can draw upon you happiness, successes, an excellent health and you can obtain whatever you are willing to."

5) Relax ! The most important thing on the list. Never freak out, never get nervous, trust yourself ! Now close your eyes, and repeat these words in your mind: "I am calm, and relaxed, and I know the answer to all my problems. I know how to solve them, and as soon as I will open my eyes I will feel more relaxed, and I will start working better and with higher efficiency. (more here - Relax, take it easy! )

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Nice posts, like all the others on Useful Brain. This is what theory says; people apparently think they generally know all this things (even I do ;))), but when it comes to the essence (practice) it comes out to be difficult than we think it is.
I must confess that I passed through many stressful situations and I managed to overpass some of them in the way you described the 5 easy steps. At that time I did it involuntarily (or that's how I think I did it, maybe that's my easy way of passing over, without thinking that is the best way someone can do - relaxing and ordering the thoughts in your mind and then begin.)
I think it is enough because I begin being incoherent (too many ideas come into my mind right now). Well done, Alex...keep writing because I think it helps us realizing much more than we apparently do.

Alexandru Hategan

Thank you crys, for your thoughts. I am so happy that for at least some of you this blog is worth it. How well have you done by relaxing and thinking the problem from different angle ? Was it helpful ? Tell us more about your experience please, we are all curious

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